Steps for Selecting the Movie

1: Genre Selection

Before we start the movie, we use a random selector (e.g., the pinwheel of fate) to determine what our next Movie Night genre will be. 

2: Movie Submission

For a one-week span, everyone is allowed to submit one movie recommendation they would like to see as a contender for the next Movie Night. The movie MUST have the selected genre. If the genre of the month is Action, then it must say "Action" in the genre list on IMDB (or a similar site). 


3: Movie Voting

Once the movie submission stage closes, everyone can cast their vote for their preferred movie choice. 

4: Movie Determination 

Once the voting period ends, the votes are tallied and the highest-voted movie wins. Democracy at its finest! 


Once the movie has been determined, RSVPs open up. Each individual MUST submit an RSVP to help determine available seating and calculate how much food to buy.